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Our Patron and Chair Professor Tom Calma AO

The progress being made is heartening and exciting because it will have a lasting impact, taking us several great strides towards a healthier future”.

Best Evidence Summary for Pain Management

Pain assessment and pain management are key parts of recovery from illness or injury. Everyone experiences pain differently. Health practitioners can use clinical indicators to assess and manage someone’s pain, but it is also important to know how the patient experiences and responds to pain and what possible cultural factors are involved.

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Best Practice Oral Health

Oral Health is the absence of active disease in the mouth and is essential to general health and quality of life. Optimum Oral Health, which is an expectation of all Australians, enables people to bite, chew, smile, speak and participate in their chosen roles without discomfort or embarrassment.

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Best Evidence Summary for Prevention of Gut Worm – Strongyloidiaisis

Strongyloides stercoralis (strong- gu-loy-dees stir-core-a-lis) is a worm that can burrow into people’s skin and make its way to the gut. It usually lives in the dirt anywhere that human faeces (poo) have been left. If someone stands on or sits on the ground where the worm is living, the young worms (the lavae) will feel the warmth of the person and head for that place.

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