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THE 1967 REFERENDUM – Poche Opinion

TOPIC THE 1967 REFERENDUM IMPLICATIONS FOR HEALTH THEN, NOW AND IN THE FUTURE   On 30 May 2017, the Poche Indigenous Health Network hosted its 8th bi-annual Key Thinkers Forum. Some of Australia’s leading advocates for Aboriginal health and Indigenous social... Read more

Health Literacy – Poche Opinion

TOPIC Health Literacy – A key to closing the communication gap in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health On 29 October 2015, over 60 health professionals, policy makers, community members and academics joined the Key Thinkers Forum in Sydney to focus on... Read more

Oral Health – Poche Opinion

TOPIC How are oral health services for Aboriginal people in rural and remote Australia helping to close the gap in life expectancy? On 19 November 2014, a number of clinicians, policy makers, community members, academics and consumers joined the Key Thinkers Forum in... Read more

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